Back Office​

Today’s marketplace demands companies to be smart and innovative. Employees performing unproductive tasks account for more than 30% of businesses’ back office. Outsourcing non-core business activities enable companies to focus on their core operations that drive profit and growth. Xetechs’ Back Office solutions have become seamless extensions of our Clients’ businesses and have consistently helped them reduce non-productive time in their everyday operations.


Billing & Invoicing Management​

While it’s important to make the billing and invoicing process easy and pain free for your customers, it’s equally important to find cost effective ways to handle this back-office function without sacrificing accuracy. We offer lower cost resources and/or automated technology focused on streamlining the process while reducing billing errors or omissions.

Credit & Collection​s

For well over a decade, our team members have handled early-stage credit and collections requests across a number of industries. In every case, we carefully review the account history before making customer contact.

This ensures professional and proper handling of each interaction.

Dispute & Fraud Management​

Our dispute and fraud analysts are well versed in dispute handling, investigating security and privacy concerns, taking both proactive and reactive steps to fraud management, understanding associated regulations, and more.

Process Consulting & Implementation:

Using a Six Sigma approach, several improvements were put in place including process mapping and documentation to update current process flow charts, failure analysis with control points to reduce critical errors, quality assurance audits to enhance accuracy, and an escalation matrix to establish accountability.


Back Office

Reduce Overall back office support costs using Proven technology to automate back office work


Increase Efficiency whit enhanced communications between front and back office


Strengthen accuracy whit consolidated systems and intelligent workflows to help prevent errors