Customizing reports is a key functionality in Odoo, a versatile and adaptable business management system. Reports are a fundamental tool to obtain relevant data and make informed decisions in a company. In this article, we will explore how to customize reports in Odoo to make the most of this functionality and obtain relevant information for business success.

Understand the structure of reports in Odoo

Before you start customizing reports in Odoo, it is important to understand its structure. In Odoo, reports are based on data models and views. Data models represent the records in the database, while views define the appearance and format of the reports. By knowing this structure, we will be able to make precise and effective modifications to the reports.

Use the Odoo Report Editor

Odoo has a built-in Report Editor that makes it easy to customize reports. This editor allows you to make changes to the design, content and format of reports visually and without the need for advanced technical knowledge. Through the intuitive interface of the Report Editor, we can add fields, modify styles, create graphs and tables, among other options, to adapt the reports according to our needs.

Add and customize fields in reports

One of the advantages of Odoo is the ability to add custom fields to reports. This allows us to include data that is specific and relevant to our business. We can select the desired fields from existing data models or create new custom fields. Additionally, it is possible to customize the format of fields, such as dates, numbers or currencies, to ensure that reports display information in a clear and understandable way.

Apply filters and groupings

The ability to apply filters and grouping in reports is essential for obtaining relevant and segmented data. Odoo allows you to apply filters based on specific criteria, such as dates, categories, regions, among others. In this way, we can generate more accurate reports focused on specific aspects of our business. Likewise, groupings allow us to organize data into categories or hierarchical levels for better visualization and analysis.

Generate scheduled and automated reports

Odoo offers us the possibility of generating scheduled and automated reports. This means that we can configure reports to be generated periodically, whether daily, weekly or monthly, and automatically sent to the desired recipients. This functionality saves time and ensures that reports are always up-to-date and available for analysis.

The customization of reports in Odoo It allows us to obtain relevant data and make informed decisions in our business. With the integrated Report Editor, we can modify the design, content and format of the reports visually and without complications. Adding custom fields, applying filters and groupings, and generating scheduled reports are some of the key functionalities that Odoo offers us.