Google Workspace is a suite of collaborative tools designed to improve productivity and efficiency in business environments. Integrating applications such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Meet and many others, Google Workspace provides a complete set of solutions for communication, collaboration and project management.


This generative AI technology can boost the creativity and productivity of organizations by helping to generate ideas, content and solutions more efficiently and effectively.


Cloud-Centric Approach

A cloud-centric, browser-based approach

That updates permanently, without the need for local devices, native applications or email attachments


Integrated encryption, verification and controls

With a zero trust approach that allows employees to work from anywhere and eliminates the need for VPNs

Global Scale

The system operates on a global scale

To protect your organization's data against phishing, malware, ransomware, and supply chain attacks without the need for plugins

Data Protection

This service protects all users

With secure endpoints (enterprise or BYOD) that require no patching or strong account takeover protection

Get even more out of your favorite apps

Protect your information
Protect your business with enterprise-grade security

Google Workspace was built with the security, cloud infrastructure, and reliability to keep your information, identities, apps, and devices safe. 

Manage Your Environment
Easily manage your tools and simplify costs

In addition to Gmail and Calendar, Google Workspace includes other popular tools. Access enterprise versions of Google Meet, Chat, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and more through a single subscription that's easy to manage and updates automatically.

Gemini for Workspace
Add Gemini for Workspace to unlock features based on generative AI

Add Gemini for Workspace to unlock a powerful AI assistant that can act as a coach, idea partner, source of inspiration and productivity enhancer. 

Work Where You Want
Familiar tools designed to work anywhere, on any device

Equip everyone with their preferred tools to give them the ability to contribute equally, no matter where they are, what role they have, or what device they use.

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