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Guatemala’s favorable economic and political climate along with its modern infrastructure and strong telecom services, have contributed to the country’s business stability and success.  One of the most important benefits of doing business in Guatemala is its advantageous geographical location.  Guatemala’s proximity to Mexico and to the rest of Central America makes the country a bridge to a market that has over 68 million inhabitants and a GDP of US $319 billion.  Additionally, doing business in Guatemala enables companies to establish themselves in what is a major regional logistics hub.


Guatemala continues to rank as one of the primary outsourcing destinations for the BPO industry in Latin America.

Nearshore advantage​

With numerous direct flights from major U.S. cities and similar time zones, doing business in Guatemala can deliver an outstanding lower cost, nearshore alternative without sacrificing English and Spanish-speaking program quality.

An Advanced Telecommunications Infrastructure​

Companies that are doing business in Guatemala have access to a robust telecommunications infrastructure. The country assures 99.99% redundancy of its fiber optic connections from both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

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An Excellent Economy​

Doing business in Guatemala is to have operations in Central America’s largest economy. The country represents a full 35% of the region’s GDP and has had its rate of foreign direct investment grew by a very healthy 376% since 2013. This demonstrates the confidence that the international business community has in the stability of the Guatemalan economy. Guatemala’s expanded at a rate of 2.9% in 2016 and at a rate of 3.4% in 2017.

The principal sectors of the Guatemalan economy are manufacturing, services, and retail commerce. They represent a full 45% of the nation’s GDP. Additionally, the Guatemalan currency, the Quetzal, has maintained its stability against the US dollar for the last decade.

A Skilled Labor Force​

Guatemala’s economically active population is composed of 6.7 million individuals. Seventy-percent of the population is under 30 years of age. Those doing business in Guatemala have access to graduates from its 14 distinguished universities. These institutions of higher learning have approximately 50 locations throughout the country that have a total student enrollment of almost 313, 000 individuals. These students are educated in the humanities, as well as in technical areas that meet international standards.

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