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Las necesidades del cliente | Su importancia

Customer needs | Its importance

The secret to prospering in business! Success in business is based on understanding customer needs, it is not just about having a good product or service, but about understanding them deeply. What drives consumers to choose a brand over...

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Capacitación de Leads | Ahorra Tiempo y Esfuerzo

Lead Training | Save Time and Effort

In today's highly competitive business world, every minute counts. Operational efficiency is key to success, and a critical part of this lies in effective lead management. Training your leads properly not only drives conversion, but...

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La facturación electrónica en El Salvador

Electronic billing in El Salvador

The country of El Salvador continues to advance in the development and implementation of the Electronic Invoice as part of a project considered “high impact” by the Ministry of Finance. This project is an integral part of the Digital Agenda Plan, a government plan executed between 2020 and 2030, under the supervision of the Ministry of Innovation.

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