ODOO Electronic Invoicing (FEL)


Simplify and Optimize your Billing Process

Discover how Electronic Invoicing in Odoo can transform and streamline your business operations. With Xetechs, take your billing process to the next level, complying with all FEL regulations in Guatemala.

Why Odoo for Electronic Invoicing?

Odoo is not just a ERP software; It is a comprehensive solution that adapts to the changing needs of your business. By choosing Odoo for your Electronic Invoicing, you are choosing to:

  • Flexibility: Customize and adapt the billing module according to the specific needs of your company.

  • Total Integration: Easily connect billing with other modules such as accounting, sales and inventory management.

  • Security: Guarantee the protection of your data and transactions with high-end security protocols.

  • Continuous support: With Xetechs as your partner, you get constant technical support and updates to ensure optimal performance.

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Automatización completa

Complete Automation

Reduce time and effort in creating and sending invoices.

Regulaciones de facturación

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures compliance with the FEL and avoids sanctions.

Facturación electrónica

Real Time Access

View and manage your invoices online anytime, anywhere.

Funcionalidad de facturación electrónica

How Electronic Billing Works in Odoo

Adopt A new solution may seem challenging, but with Odoo and Xetechs, the process is simple and straightforward. Here we show you how it works:

  • Initial setup: We customize Odoo according to the needs of your business, ensuring that it complies with the FEL regulations in Guatemala.

  • Data Integration: Import your existing data, such as customers, products and services, for a seamless transition.

  • Invoice Issuance: Create and issue electronic invoices with just a few clicks, taking advantage of Odoo's intuitive tools.

  • Management and Monitoring: Monitor the status of your invoices, receive payment notifications and manage disputes from a single dashboard.

  • Reports and Analysis: Access detailed reports that allow you to analyze your billing operations and make informed decisions.

“Since we implemented Odoo Electronic Invoicing with Xetechs, we have seen a transformation in our financial management. Now, issuing invoices is faster and easier, and we can spend more time doing what we really love: baking delicious breads and cakes.”

Rosa Martinez

Founder and General Manager

“Electronic Invoicing in Odoo has been a game changer for our shop. Thanks to Xetechs, we now manage our invoices with ease, and our clients appreciate the speed and professionalism with which we work.”

Carlos Lopez

Owner and Chief Mechanic

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