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Agile project management

It's amazing, simple and open source.

Compatible with any hardware


Clear and efficient summary of your projects.


Track delivery dates with a clear calendar view.



Allocate the necessary time to specific tasks in a planned shift.


Generate reports and perform analysis.

Forecast needs and resources

Anticipates resource demands and project needs, taking into account project performance and employee availability. Schedule your teams on various initiatives considering the vacations of each team member. Plan ahead future projects using forecasts backed by data from similar projects, allowing you to estimate deadlines more accurately. Additionally, compare these forecasts with the actual hours invested to optimize the profitability of your projects.

Harness the power of visual information

Flexible and easy-to-use project management software

Simplify your operations and encourage collaboration between employees. Break your project into smaller tasks and assign responsibilities to your team to encourage working together. Set custom stages for each project and simplify the visualization of your workflow, which will increase your team's overall efficiency.


Discuss tasks share documents 

Add quick notes or attach files to any task and maintain effective communication with your team. Leave behind endless follow-up meetings and track the progress of your projects more efficiently. Use live chat, share notes in real time and maintain constant communication, all from the same interface

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Conceptualize the project scope with an easy-to-read summary

A functional and dynamic graph view for each task

Create charts to analyze your data with a powerful search tool, filtering and grouping functions, and a variety of unique visual interfaces to help you track and maintain your projects at every level.


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