Productivity Tools

At Xetechs we have Productivity Tools that help you achieve your goals and take better control of your company.

time-doctor en Guatemala y EStados Unidos
dashboard time doctor

In these times of home office time doctor helps you with the control and management of the productive hours of your employees.

time doctor is a tool that helps you improve the productivity of your workers by giving you information on what the most used applications, hours of inactivity, percentages in which the work time was invested and also precise graphs to have a better understanding of the information.

zoho workplace en Guatemala y EStados Unidos
It is a comprehensive communication and productivity application in which you can create documents, share presentations and manage files, conduct online meetings and communicate via chat or mail anywhere, anytime.

Included applications in zohoworked place:

Email 2. File managment 3. Chat, 4. Spreadsheet 5. Word processor 6. Presentation 7. Social intranet 8. Online training 9. Online meeting