What our clients testimonials say

Edy Arzu – FFASA Systems Manager
Augusto Miranda, IT Manager for Prestaexpress
Thanks to the management of processes through virtual platforms, it was possible to make the internal processes of each department more efficient. The most valuable aspect was the personalized service, follow-up and commitment to achieving objectives and deliveries on agreed dates. I describe the Xetechs service as very up to date and at the forefront of technology.
Guillermo Contreras – Manager Operations of National Operators
A good choice of CRM/ERP It not only includes the tool itself, but also the ideal Partner that provides adequate and timely support. Xetechs has been an excellent ally, providing support with excellence and professionalism from 2020 to date, applying the best practices in this matter.
Edy Arzu – Systems Manager FFASA
I would recommend Xetechs, since it has trained personnel and good customer service, also taking into account adequate customization of the projects according to our needs. We provide our sales team with the CRM that Xetechs provided us, making better decisions to be able to increase sales. sales

XETECHS: Your trusted gold partner | Testimonials 

XETECHS, a Odoo Gold Partner Based in Guatemala, we have a proven track record of successful Odoo implementations for companies throughout the American continent and beyond, fostering digital innovation with every step we take. Testimonials from our clients always play a really important role, as it is how we validate our processes and improve our performance.